One-on-One Coaching

I work one-on-one (or in small groups) with teachers who are seeking to boost their knowledge and skills in a particular area. Common requests include improving math instruction and assessment, strengthening classroom community and management, increasing student engagement in their reading and writing growth, and setting up beginning teachers to thrive. Sessions can include demo lessons, observations, discussion, collaboration, or any combination that suits each teacher's wants and needs.


Workshop: Number Talks

In this workshop, you participate in a variety of number talks to engage as a math learner yourself, see number talks in action, and prepare to use them with students. Already feel confident with number talks? This workshop can be tailored to improve your practice and to keep number talks fresh for you and your students. 

Looking for a workshop on a different topic? Get in touch!


Journal Club

Are you interested in knowing more about educational research? Carve out a small chunk of time to do so by joining this social group that's set up like a book club. Instead of reading a whole book, you read one or two articles, then gather with other teachers to break down what the research says about best practice - and eat some treats! Journal Club meets once a month, and it's free.